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Lintel Repair Service in Palatine

The majority of the buildings have some complications. If you are not keen on your masonry structural work, you may end up spending much that you did plan for on repairs. Do you know that you may lose the whole house if you fail to check on the cracks found above your door or window? Continue reading to understand this better.

What is Lintel?

You are likely to meet a random crack on your wall that is diagonally shaped. In such cases, Lintel is used to support the weaker points. Precisely, Lintel is used to support weaker places or openings above windows and doors. If you attempt to repair cracked areas without fixing the brick wall, you will likely waste your energy because the Lintel will not find a firm point to anchor.

Cracking of walls is common. Surprisingly, Lintel is not spared either. They are likely to experience some crack, mainly if the area under support exerts much pressure on them.

That can also happen due to structural issues on your wall or even caused by the wall’s movement. Don’t hesitate to seek a lintel repair service in Palatine in case you notice it. Following are the types of lintel repairs you can consider

Brick and masonry repair

With the help of winding bars, you can easily repair the Lintel without complexities. However, attempting to repair without bars is just a waste of time.

Metal lintel repair

Even though metals are trusted to be long-lasting, they are prone to corrosion. You may realize that your metallic Lintel has worn out and needs urgent repair. The surest way of doing that is through resin injection to protect it.

Timber lintel repair

Old buildings are characterized by rotten Lintel. If the structure you are working from has the condition, you can consider doing a replacement, but before that, you can use helical spiral bars to do that.

Lintel cracks are common in most buildings in Palatine. Therefore, to overcome the challenge, you can always do investigations on the crack areas. If your structure has cracks, you can consider getting a lintel repair service in Palatine.