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A chimney or a fireplace creates a striking appearance, making it appear more appealing and increases your home’s value. It also creates room for gratifying moments by the fire. Despite the memorable moments, at some point, all masonry chimneys will need repair. Due to harsh weather conditions, the mortar joints sometimes become damaged. Moisture can even damage rock masonry when a weakened mortar joint allows water to get in. Tuckpointing repair is a technique that halts the destructive process and provides other copious benefits.

Benefits of Tuck Pointing

Tuckpointing is a necessary process when preserving the life span of a chimney. Some of the benefits of tuckpointing are as follows.

  • The mortar joints corrosion will stop.
  • It is cost-effective compared to complete rebuilding or tearing down. The technique will save you the cost of replacing the chimney.
  • Restoration of the chimney’s masonry material to their initial condition
  • Tuckpointing restores the structural stability of the chimney. If you don’t repair mortar joints, the chimney will be weak and finally will start to collapse or lean.

What is Tuckpointing?

Tuck-pointing is the procedure of eliminating damaged mortar between bricks and replacing them with healthy and new mortar. Tuckpointing is a technique mostly used by masons; by using two distinct colors of mortar joints, one of the colors marches the color of the brickwork. The second one is a narrow ribbon pressed on top in black and white for decorative purposes.

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