Brick and Stone Chemical Cleaning in Palatine

It is possible to clean up walls and bricks despite their rough textures. However, there are critical steps that one should consider for the cleaning process to actually take effect.  The brick and wall formulas are applied differently, keeping in mind that bricks and walls are different, each having their specific nuances. Applying abrasive cleaning methods may damage the bricks, causing them to have discoloration, and the walls may become faulty with time. That is why it’s always best to go with a professional masonry company like ours to take you through the whole process. We are a leading indoor and outdoor property service company that takes your job extremely seriously.

No other company in Palatine can wash your home or commercial building with the care and attention to detail that we will place. Chemical cleaning will revitalize your bricks and stone to look like new. The method is effective, and we assure you 100% satisfaction with the results of our work. Inexperienced companies can actually cause more harm than good, they may cause staining, efflorescence, egg blaster, and organic growth, among other damages.  That’s why it’s the smart choice to go with a masonry company who specializes in brick and stone to complete the job.

We use chemicals that we are sure will react with dirt to speed up the removal of stains and soot, causing your walls and bricks to seem unattractive. The main types of chemicals we use are; alkalies used on sensitive bricks and walls made of limestone, marbles, and glazed terra-cotta. The other one is acidic, used to clean granites, sandstones, and unglazed bricks. Poultice a chemical cleaning technique used to remove stains, oil, graffiti, and plant materials from porous bricks and stones.

Our work is quick, yet effective.  We’ll stop by your home or building and assess the work that is required.  Our team can typically complete the job in one afternoon unless we notice other issues that need to be addressed prior to cleaning.  Allow us to spruce up and beautify that face of your home or building with a solid maintenance cleaning that will add life to your brick and catch the eyes of your neighbors!  Call us today for an estimate.