Total Brick Restoration Service in Palatine

Despite the tremendous durability of brick and stone, there comes a time where the brickwork wears off and requires total brick restoration. Brick and stone restoration involves repairing damaged bricks and mortar, replacing loose bricks, and revitalizing the brick color. The main reason for brick restoration is to restore the structural integrity and appearance of the original brick. During the brick restoration process, we should consider the following:

Compatibility of the mortar

When mortars are not compatible, the brickwork is at risk of succumbing to irreparable damage, including interior rot, cracking, and spalling. This risk is why we should make sure the mortar used in the new brickwork is compatible with the existing one.

Extent of damage

When restoring brickwork, we must check the extent of the damage. If the damage is repairable, it is advisable to repair the bricks rather than replace them. However, if the damage is extensive beyond repair, the damaged bricks are collected and replaced with new, but similar bricks. In instances where some bricks are missing, new bricks get fashioned to replace the missing ones.

The paint used on the original bricks

In case the brickwork in need of restoration is painted, you should take extra caution when repainting the replacement bricks. Paint reduces the longevity of both the mortar and the bricks by retaining moisture. If this moisture freezes, it leads to spalling, which damages the brickwork. Therefore, the paint to be used should repel water and be consistent with the original paint.

Due to the complexity of the brick restoration process and the severe repercussions that might occur in the case of a mishap during restoration, you should, therefore, seek experts. We offer a professional brick restoration service in Palatine. Contact us today to get your free estimate underway.